Wills and Inheritance

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Wills and Inheritance

At death, the deceased bequeaths his estate to his heirs. After the death, all the heirs are required to apply to receive an inheritance order or a probate (when the deceased left a will).

If the deceased was not a resident in Israel but left property in Israel, no transfer of the property may be executed until an inheritance order, or a probate will be issued. To implement the inheritance order or probate a legal request must be presented to the appropriate Israeli court.

The procedure of receiving the inheritance order or probate is not simple and requires submitting various documents.

After submitting all the required documents to the court and paying a fee, a probate or inheritance order will be obtained.

Only after receiving the inheritance order or probate, you will be able to transfer the estate under your name.
The legacy passes to the heirs immediately upon the death of the deceased, obviously in order to exercise the rights; one has to get a probate order / inheritance order.
The heirs according to the Israeli law are as follows:

The law declares the division amongst each of the successors to the estate of the deceased. The division is as follows:

Offspring of the deceased are entitled to half the estate, the spouse/life partner is entitled to half including personal belongings belonging to the mutual household (including passenger vehicles).

If the deceased leaves no offspring the division changes accordingly so that the spouse/partner receives a larger portion than the other successors. The remaining portion of the estate after the spouse/partner is to be divided equally amongst offspring, parents or grandparents – if they are eligible to inherit.

When an individual is not interested in bequeathing his estate to successors according to the Law of Inheritance, he is required to draw up a will specifying how his property will be disposed of, who the successors are and what portion each of them shall receive.

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